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Course aux stages 2019

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56 minutes ago, droitudem123 said:

Mct Montréal et Blakes appellent

Mind if I ask your stats :)? Congrats!


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STATUS (Refusals sent, Calls started)

1. BCF

A appelé le 08/02

2. Bélanger Sauvé


3. Blake Cassels & Graydon

A appelé le 12/02

4. Borden Ladner Gervais

A appelé le 12/02

5. Clyde & Co 

 A appelé le 07/02 et 08/02

6. Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg

A appelé le 07/02 et 08/02

7. De Grandpré Chait


8. Dentons Canada


9. DLA Piper


10. Fasken

A appelé le 08/02

11. Goldwater Dubé

A appelé le 12/02

12. Gowling WLG

A envoyé des emails de convocation le 08/02 et le 11/02; des courriels de refus le 12/02

13. Langlois Avocats

A appelé le 11/02

14. Lapointe Rosenstein


15. Lavery

A appelé le 11/02 et le 12/02

16. McCarthy Tétrault

A appelé le 12/02

17. McMillan 


18. Miller Thomson

A appelé le 11/02, refus par courriel 11/02

19. Monette Barakett 


20. Morency


21. Norton Rose Fulbright 

A appelé le 11/02

22. Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt

A appelé le 11/02

23. Robinson Sheppard Shapiro

A appelé le 08/02

24. Smart & Biggar 



25. Spiegel Sohmer

A appelé le 08/02

26. Stikeman Elliott


27. Woods

Edited by Girona

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Bereskin & Parr vient tout juste d'appeler. 3.0 McGill, études supérieures en STEM.

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    • A caution: everyone wants to do well academically and most people will by definition end up being average (B student-ish.) So don't rely on that alone. If you do well, great, but no one knows how they will do until after exams, which is why it's a good idea to start volunteering and doing extra-curriculars early on so you are not just relying on potential grades. (Plus there are other benefits to that.) 
    • @easttowest I'm sure the Toronto market is fairly representative of other large markets in Canada, so thanks. Exchange would be cool, but like you said - I think 3L is a really important time to secure jobs for after school, so I wouldn't want to be overseas unless something is set in stone.  I have a few follow-up questions regarding that 1L summer. Is it frowned upon to not be pursuing a Bay Street job at all by recruiters? When you say "bay street job" are you referring to something law related, or in banking or something else like that? Sounds like these students would just be going after typical internships that would be available to undergraduate students as well? In the summer 2L recruit what kind of skills are these recruiters looking for in you? I'm sure it's best to develop whatever they may be looking for in your 1L summer?
    • Thank you everyone for replying. Realistic and encouraging.  As providence mentioned I do intend to focus on doing well academically (enough to compensate for my lack of social skills), while not completely shutting myself off from networking opportunities. Now that I think of it, it was sort of ridiculous for me to expect getting by without socializing at all. I would definitely need to be more open-minded in general, and work on things like interviewing skills and getting to know my professors. Law school is a big step/change for me. Might as well acknowledge that and embrace what's to come. As it stands, I am open to all areas of law, especially on the solicitor side for obvious reasons. I am hoping to find an area of interest while at school. Echoing capitalttruth, It is reassuring to hear that there are areas in which people like myself can succeed.  Thank you again!
    • You don't need a tutor. There are enough free resources around for you to figure out what your issues are and for you to correct them.  For some people, a tutor can help. But I've also heard of people spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on classes/tutors and achieving no improvement.