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    • They've basically placed a Toronto premium on their tuition, while still putting it at a price where they can say "cheapest in Toronto". New applicants, if you can, please go to any other school (not counting windsor dual).
    • Rejected off the waitlist today. Been a super long cycle, and I gotta say I'm pretty upset about it.  
    • So it's now cheaper than Ryerson law? Good to know. 
    • I’m going to take a slightly different tack here: If you are in high school, and cost is no object, and you are accepted into Oxbridge, I think there’s nothing wrong with doing an LLB (or BA) there. It’ll be a great education and a fantastic three years. And perhaps at the end of it, you go on to do something unrelated to law. But you shouldn’t see the UK as a shortcut. I would anticipate having to do a JD, if you want to be a lawyer in Canada, after your undergrad.
    • Hi all,  I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the internal application process for clerkships at the ONCA and the SCC. From what I understand, applications go to the Dean and Vice-Dean, and a few candidates are selected for interviews with the Dean. If successful, selected applicants are "recommended" by the Dean to the courts. Has anyone gone through this process? If so, what was it like? Any Tips? What exactly is the Dean's recommendation? Can you still apply with the recommendation?   Thanks!    
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