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    • Just out of curiosity,  why were you exempt? 
    • What’s stressful is graduating with more debt and paying more interest...6 years of interest payments being added to my balance add up to a months worth of rent. That stresses me out   My UoT 1L friends are being offered $180k limit from a branch in Toronto. I’m sure they’d easily match $135k if you ask them
    • @skbc4699 found some stats on past withdrawals: For anyone who is interested - went down a stress rabbit hole about the waitlist and found this in a 2014 waitlist thread -  - - - How many people put down a deposit and then withdrew before classes began: 2008  49 2009  46 2010  35 2011  32 2012  44 2013  48 But really it varies year to year. It could be 0 off the waitlist or it could be 50. Here's hoping for 50+ UBC is still my top choice.
    • Fair. I'm pretty new to the whole LOC situation. I guess the way Scotia advertises their PSLOC makes it seem more appealing to me, and many others.
    • I don't think so unfortunately. 
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