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Western or Ottawa?

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I was accepted to Ottawa in December and that was my first choice at the time. I was accepted to Western yesterday and hadn’t really given much thought to going there. 

I’ve been lurking on this forum long enough to know that “reputation” of each school doesn’t necessarily matter, that you get a standard education at any Ontario law school. That being said, what have your experiences been like at either school? I plan to visit both schools in February to get a feel for the campus and the city, but Ottawa seems like a nicer city with slightly cheaper tuition (although London rent seems cheap enough to balance the increased Western tuition). I live about two hours from London currently, and about six from Ottawa, although distance from my family isn’t a huge consideration.

I was just hoping to get some thoughts on each school in case there was a consideration that I’ve missed. I’ve gone through the why/why not threads, but a lot of those posts are old enough that they may no longer be entirely accurate.

Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, Simbaa said:

Where do you want to work? In what area/s of law?

If you mean geographically, I don’t have any real preference as long as it’s urban. As far as type of law, labour/employment would be ideal!

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    • Can you get on to any litigation files as part of the firm's family law practice? It sounds to me like building up a base of litigation experience - in whatever field - would be an asset to getting the kinds of jobs you want. Also, if the 'business law' area includes any employment law, there may be a potential path to human rights law through there.
    • Thank you so much. This is such a thorough and easy to understand response. 
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    • I echo what Deadpool said. There are a lot of lawyers in policy roles, such as in the PM and EC pay groups, trying to break into the LP group. Unfortunately, internal postings for LP-01 positions (generally, lawyers with 0-4 years experience post-call) are very rare because the DOJ fills LP-01 positions with their own articling students and the SCC/FCA/FC/TCC law clerks through unadvertised processes. As a result, there’s not much use for internal only competitions and if they need additional people they’ll generally run an external competition. Everyone I’ve heard of who transferred from a government policy role into the DOJ did so through networking and getting an unadvertised appointment. So if you take the policy job and want to get into the DOJ, do not rely on getting in through a formal internal posting. 

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