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Splitters admission is Canada?

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Can any one tell me, preferably experienced ones, how does it work in law schools when you fall under the category of splitters. In my case 3.00 gpa and 170+ Lsat score. I am going to write my lsat in June 2019. I am also going to apply in the mature category. I am hoping to get into university of Manitoba, Calgary, UVA or University of Saskatchewan. 

I have 7+ years of business experience and some volunteer as well. 

Any response will be appreciated.


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    • I do believe that Queen's considers 4 courses per semester a full course load.
    • I don't see a lot of UofC Associates or Articling Students in Toronto at all, but there's certainly Windsor grads at every large firm. I also wouldn't place my hopes on getting into Big Law in Calgary and then lateraling over either - that's a lot of steps that have to go correctly. Getting Calgary BigLaw isn't a lay-up in and of itself. I would say go to Windsor and network, get good summaries and work your butt off in 1L and try to get grades in the top quarter of your class. 
    • Bit of an odd-duck here.    B2: 78% LSAT: 157 (one write) Sask Connection: Step-father is ex-law lecturer at UofS and Queen’s Bench and I served as president of the University of Regina Student’ Union for two elected terms.    Will these connection items help??
    • hey thanks! this is a good perspective. yeah I am open to biglaw in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, but ideally would like to end up in Toronto. I know about Windsor having low placement rates, so I guess my question is whether to risk the low placement rate but be in Ontario, or risk being out of province but have the Calgary market open to me. I don't really want to stay in Calgary longer than I have to.
    • The categorization of those firms was in response to the list in the original post, and not intended to identify tiers of law firms. BLG, Dentons, and probably McCarthy's should be in the larger firm bracket for the Calgary market.

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