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Mature student chance (cGPA 3.22, LSAT 157)

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Stats as you can see from the title...and I know it does not look good at all.


Schulich graduate, and applied to all Ontario law schools except for UT .

I think i have pretty decent resume tho, 6.5 years of full- time experience at one of the global top-tier construction firm as a contract administrator/manager and been through two legal arbitrations in Dubai Court (each project worth about a billion USD) 

Any comment,thought and/or opinion will be much appreciated ! 

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Applying as a mature student will give you the chance to use all that experience as part of your narrative... which is great, as the whole point of considering stats in the first place is to give the admissions boards an idea of how you might preform in law school. Depending on the strength of your PS and references, you might be able to express your ability in other ways... That being said, if you are able to find a spot near you that still has a spot available for the January LSAT, getting that score over 160 certainly couldn't hurt. Good luck!!  

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