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Mature student chance (cGPA 3.14, LSAT 157)

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Stats as you can see from the title...and I know it does not look good at all.


Schulich graduate, and applied to all Ontario law schools except for UT and Lakehead.

I think i have pretty decent resume tho, 6.5 years of full- time experience at one of the global top-tier construction firm as a contract administrator/manager and been through two legal arbitrations in Dubai Court (each project worth about a billion USD) 

It is already quite late but will I still have chance if I apply now? 

Any comment,thought and/or opinion will be much appreciated ! 

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Are you applying access or as a regular applicant? Not gonna lie that's a very low GPA to be considered for law school, are your L2 years any better? LSAT is decent, but to make up for such a low GPA you want 165+ at least.

Also, what makes you want to go back to school for 3 years and give up what sounds like a decent job with good pay and travel? Especially since with a 3.22/157, school and tests don't appear to be your forte.

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4 hours ago, jklee1987 said:

Correction:   my cGPA should be 3.22, not 3.14

Is 3.22 your cGPA with or without drops? Remember that UNB drops 25% of your lowest grades. Your chances become better if you benefit from the drops.

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