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Accepted to Queens 2019


A reminder that Accepted threads are for posting your stats only, and for brief questions related to the stats that someone posted, e.g., asking for L2. These threads are not the place for further discussion, which should be asked via PM or in a new thread. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Thank you for keeping these threads useful to future applicants.

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Just got the email!

cGPA: 3.73, LSAT 160. Ontario Resident. Okay EC's, great reference letters, strong personal statement.

Ontario resident.

Congrats everybody!

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cGPA: 3.53 / 4

L2: 3/56 / 4

LSAT: 160, 164.

General. Submitted October 31st. Will be declining.

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    • Hi GM! Get back to that Contracts outline! I'm pretty solidly centre-left/left leaning (even had a friend in Osgoode jokingly say that I might be "too left" for law), but still had some reservations that I wouldn't be "left enough" for UVic. Yes, I agree it is pretty overtly left-wing/social-justice oriented. It can be a bit overwhelming. I think it's worth bearing in mind that UVic is, in general, known for being a very left-leaning school as a whole. I personally really like the fact that the school makes clear, genuine efforts to make space for traditionally marginalized voices. At the same time, I completely understand why one would feel like the progressiveness is "intense and impenetrable." Zoom school sucks for getting to know people. In an online class setting, we only get a small glimpse of peoples' thoughts. I certainly think there's something lost with the limited interaction online, because there's just less of a chance to have the informal interactions where you get to know people and what they're thinking. When I've chatted with other 1Ls more informally, I find that people have pretty nuanced opinions that vary by topic. Some have views that are different from what I would have thought, had I only ever heard them speak in a more formal setting where we are often discussing complicated and controversial topics. But I also had the opportunity to meet with others in person during the summer/start of the semester, back when we could actually meet up and distance outside. Like a good chunk of the class, I'm not in Victoria though, so I don't really know what it's like there right now. I would take the graffiti in the city with a grain of salt, given what's transpired over the summer and the strong response to it. FWIW, I've only ever heard you say very smart things, and I like what you have to say. I think a fair amount of (most?) people would be more receptive to your views than you think... but I agree it's hard to get that given the overall 'class vibe', especially over Zoom. I think it's a BC thing in general, albeit the GVRD has quite a variety of views and rural BC is also different from the GVRD/Victoria. When I was at UBC, the "social justice and diversity" felt a lot more performative than anything (especially from the administration). It might have changed since I was there during my undergrad, but UBC certainly does have a more 'corporate' vibe. 1. GM is a great person, and I would be beyond shocked if anyone thought of GM as the next Donaldino Pumperino. 🤣 2. There is a co-op program, which is certainly helpful for work experience. As I've heard from upper-years and practicing lawyers, UVic has more or less the same opportunities as UBC so it really depends what you make of your time + grades. Things might be a bit different with COVID this year, though. 3. Every exam class is open book. I would be surprised if anyone even had the TIME to cheat, because the midterms were such a time crunch. Also, would anyone really want to put the fate of their grades in someone else's hands or jeopardize their future career? I doubt it. Second GM: Contracts is great! 10/10 profs. Only downside is having to read older UK decisions written by judges who don't know what paragraphs are. BUT, they've made it a semester-long course instead of a year long. We don't have Torts or Crim till next term. I personally would prefer reading 120 pages of 3 different courses, rather than 100 of 1 course, plus we just don't have that experience with issue identification that comes with time... so I think that's suffered from an online format. But it really depends on you as a person.
    • Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it!  If anyone else is wondering I heard back from admissions and they assess applications first round with the highest score on record, if they can give you an offer they do so, if not they reassess when Jan LSAT scores are released and readjust your index score for the second round of offers if your write in Jan and score higher. 
    • 3.54 and 3.75 per OLSAS conversion?

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