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    • I have gotten silence as well.   
    • Western has said that they hope to have most of their decisions made by May 31st, so it's more than likely you will hear back by then. Until then, you can assume that they haven't reviewed your application yet.
    • Where you get your undergraduate degree doesn't matter, what you do and how you do while getting your degree does. Pick a school that best aligns with your interests and puts you in the best position to succeed. Just make sure you work hard and get good grades, and take part in extra-curricular activities when you can.  If you're interested in and enjoy law & society and/or criminology, take it. If you're as set on law school as it seems you are then you shouldn't have worry about it not working out. And I say that as someone who actually graduated with a law & society major and a crim minor from Laurier's Brantford campus who has still been accepted to law school. Not being in Toronto for your undergrad doesn't put you at a disadvantage when it comes to law school admissions, all that matters is what you do with your time at whichever university campus you spend it.
    • Hey,  Im currently finishing grade 12 and planning on attending law school in the future but first I need to get my BA but I have a hard time picking a university. The one thing I'm sure of is that I want to study in Toronto which narrows it down to three alternatives, York, U of T or Ryerson. Initially, I had my eyes set on U of T based on what I had heard about student experiences and overall quality but the tuition fees are extremely expensive. I'm not trying to major in debts, law schools expensive enough on its own. Then I turned to York which seemed more affordable, more courses to pick from and aproachable teachers but I would have to deal with a long commute. Last but not least we have Ryerson, not so expensive either and way shorter commute but I don't know if the quality of education is any good? As for the program, I was looking at some criminology or law and society because those are what I enjoy but I can't disregard that I need to get a good GPA to get a chance at law school at all. I also have to keep my options open if Law School does not work out and having a BA in arts or criminology wouldn't be to much help, I need to be able to get a job after uni. Then there is the fact that I would like to work with corporate law, so would a business program be better in the long run? Are there any business & law programs? Should I pick the easiest way to secure good grades? Is U of T worth all that money? Which of the schools offer a more secure environment and a good community? Soo... I would love if anyone that has attended/ is attending either of the schools could share their knowledge and experiences, or any advice at all would be good too! Every opinion is welcomed Thanks in advance 
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