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In at McGill

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I have reopened the Accepted thread. Please post the acceptances in that thread and be sure to read the red banner at the top of the page. Thanks!

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    • Oui c'est bizarre, je ne vois pas de fil sur des offres d'admission pour UQAM 2020 alors peut-être ils sont très en retard par rapport Sherbrooke à cause du co-vid. En tout cas, félicitations sur ton offre d'admission à Sherbrooke! 
    • PSA: please don't be this frugal (unless you need to be to survive).
    • I believe it was a 3.8, but I decided to cancel my offer to Windsor for Osgoode
    • I actually applied for deferral to the class of 2023 as well. They had told me that one student was approved, I am assuming you, and there were a few others that had inquired. I have already submitted my request but I was just wondering roughly the reasoning for your deferral and what you had to provide. I am basing my request on a mental health and financial basis. 
    • I had my heart set on Ottawa then got into Queens and Osgoode. Never heard back from Ottawa even though that was the only school I was told I would get into lol. Just be patient you'll get in eventually. Looking back on that application cycle though...it feels like a huge blur.

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