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NYC for Canadian JDs

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For personal reasons, I will be moving to NYC after my law school graduation (before articling). I have a B average, with decent extra-curricular. I have also not summered at a Bay street law firm. NYC has way more law firms than those top notch ones that do OCIs in Toronto. I would like to hear some of the success stories of individuals who have graduated from Canada and are working at a small or medium sized law firm in NYC. Thanks!  

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You should look into writing the New York bar ASAP (including the MPRE). You should also ensure that you have 50 hours of pro bono completed before the end of this year, and that you have the required form filled out. You need the pro bono hours to be admitted to the bar,  the work you do in law school counts. I imagine it’ll be easier to do them now then when you move to NYC. 

I would try to reach out to alumni of your law school. Use LinkedIn. Explain the situation and your expectations. They will likely be more motivated and better able to help you than the folks on this forum.

I don’t have much other advice to give. I think this will be difficult. The sooner you can say ‘I am admitted to the New York bar’ and not ‘I have a Canadian JD,’ the better. 

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^what was stated above. Once you’re licensed in that jurisdiction, you can (on paper) contribute and do work for the firm. As a foreign law graduate without a license... not so much. There are other positions you can apply where you won’t be practising law but working in a legalish environment - think clinics, NGOs, and of course being in NY there’s tons of positions within the UN, government positions (try Canada’s consulate to NY and its embassy to the UN) not to mention banks and so forth. I’d try there. 


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