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[Rate My] Upper Year Courses - contract/copyright/advocacy?

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I take into consideration Rate My Prof and Os course evaluations when I pick courses. I was trying to find insight into a couple upper year courses that have no information. Anybody have anything to say about the following?

- Copyright (Bandopadhyay): terrifies me to see there's a take-home AND formal exam. 

- Contract Remedies (ffrench, Dougan, Richards)

- Advocacy + Criminal Trial (Greene, Trehearne)

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Contract Remedies is excellent and all of the profs were great (though in your current list I only recognize ffrench). Definitely recommend. But it’s a challenge so be prepared for that. The good news is that evaluation was pretty broad (3 short memos, 3 short oral presentations structured as appellate advocacy, and a final take-home assignment), so you have plenty of opportunity to pick up marks. And because it’s not a large class the curve isn’t a B curve but the same curve as a seminar. 

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2 hours ago, erinl2 said:


Did you have Rory as a prof? He's a smart guy and was a classmate of mine at U of T.

I did! He was a great prof and made the class really interesting. 

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