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1 hour ago, childishlygambino said:

This might be because they order the files for review with LSAT scores. Highest LSAT first and goes from there.

That makes sense to me. I know they say that they weigh GPA and LSAT 50-50 but it has been apparent to me that they care more about LSAT score. I remain hopeful.

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9 minutes ago, AlpacaWhisperer said:

were you waitlisted? 😮

No, got the offer and nothing before.

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On 11/27/2018 at 1:00 PM, legaleagle69 said:

Called them this morning, I'm in! Offer will be sent out later this week!

GPA: 3.95/4.0 I think I calculated it to be around an 88%

LSAT: 161.

Applied in mid September

Is that cGPA or last 2 years?

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43 minutes ago, babybatman said:

Is that cGPA or last 2 years?

That was my GPA for the first 3 years of undergraduate as I am graduating in May. The GPA out of 4 is what my transcript said. I put that as is bc I wasn't sure what that would be on the 4.33 scale. The percentage GPA accounted for 4 dropped courses, using the lower bound of each letter grade on the UBC percentage scale.  

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