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    • I studied something analytical in undergrad and got by without having to write major papers or read tons of stuff. I also dislike debating, public speaking, and speaking in general. Will I be able to survive law school?
    • I am about finished my Queen's PS, and I have geared it towards wanting to study environmental law due to my biology undergrad. Is this a bad idea given that Queen's doesn't seem to be especially known for their environmental program? I don't even know if that is the case for any law school in Ontario. Just wanted to make sure I don't make a huge misstep. Thanks!
    • Hey guys,  I have a couple of questions. I know basics about the gpa conversion (the chart they use -4.33 scale) but I'm a little confused on the number of credits drops in my case, as I took some credit/nocredit courses with no percentage/grades given. I have 135 credits in terms of graded ones (I did a fifth year) but I have 144 total credits.  If I drop 6 half year credits my GPA works out to 3.78/4.33 If I drop 8 half year credits, my GPA works out to 3.85/4.33 If I drop 10 half year credits, GPA is 3.90/4.33 My LSAT is a 163. Does anyone know how many credits I would be able to drop in my situation and also what my chances would be? I can't seem to find answers in the threads or when I call the office its opaque Thank you
    • I dont really think its a problem. I took psych 100 and a 200 level course in my final semester. 
    • There is an environmental law class, and there's an environmental law club that organizes negotiation competitions involving mock 3-party negotiations between a government, a corporation, and a local community. Students also go to UBC every year to participate in a TRU/UBC/Uvic environmental law negotiation competition. Last year TRU sent multiple teams and took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
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