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    • I can try and ease some anxieties. I’m 20 and a 1L. The ages range so much and nobody really pays attention or cares. If you have other questions you are welcome to PM me and I can try and help. In my 1.5 months in law school though your age (above or below) the median will not help or hurt you. 
    • What do you mean by two waves? Was this over two days or just same day but some received it a bit earlier than others?  I wonder if other firms do it in waves too. 
    • The advantage is that if you don’t get in through the IC category you still get a chance at the index category. Also, for IC they don’t put any weight to your GPA or LSAT score — they consider your application as a whole. 
    • Hey all,   I'm a 1L, starting to think about recruits and stressed about the amount of firms that ask for your undergrad transcripts. I didn't perform well in my first 2 years of undergrad and am scared it will reflect poorly on me for recruits. Do firms place a lot of emphasis on undergrad grades? Should I address the low marks of my first 2 years in my cover letter? Thanks in advance for the help 
    • Hey all, I was looking at the Applicant Info Bulletin 2020-2021, and I noticed I qualify under the individual consideration category as a "mature applicant". While I definitely don't feel mature, I turned 25 in March so technically I qualify. I haven't really had any sizeable hardships at this point, so would it be worth it for me to apply under this category? I've got a self-calculated index of 74.51 (which is on track to go up to a 75+ when I get my fall grades, and I realize fall grades won't be counted if I apply IC), so I think I could get in regularly off the waitlist.  Thanks in advance!
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