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Chances 3.88 and 158 LSAT (non NB resident)

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I've long been a lurker on these forums and I'm posting for the first time today. I was wondering what my chances would be with a 3.88 (with drops) and a 158 LSAT? - Regular Category
Basically, I'm wondering if I should submit my application right now or if I should wait to rewrite the LSAT and submit after November?

I know there might be a better chance if I submit it right now but I was wondering if my stats are good enough for a non-resident of NB?

Side note, does anyone know if submitting with references (although not required for regular category) actually improves your chances? Would I have an equal chance of getting in with 2 references as with 1 or none?

Thank you, any insight is greatly appreciated.


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You have the average LSAT score and an above average GPA (which is weighted heavier in your favor). You have a good chance of getting an offer, but it might not be an early one. References are helpful, but they are not officially factored in to admissions unless they are on the fence or for scholarships. Its rolling admissions so its much better to get it in ASAP, and rewrite the LSAT in Nov or even Jan if you want. (They use your highest score whenever it happens)

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Awesome, thanks for the information. I'll try to send off my application as soon as possible then. 

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My numbers were pretty much exactly the same and I got admitted without references. I'm also not a NB resident (but I do live on the East Coast). I think you probably have a pretty good shot, just make sure you get your application in as soon as you can!

Good luck!

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