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2018/2019 Accepted Applicant Profile Discussion

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I remember seeing the formula that calculated the "auto-admit" value on this site. 

GPA x 22.5 + LSAT score

If your value is above 242, then you will be admitted.

Based on the newest applicant profile that was just released, it looks like the new auto-admit number is between 237 and 239. Can anyone help me confirm this? Let's discuss.

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Yeah, above or around 242 (this is not a number confirmed by U of A that I’ve ever seen), they automatically admit you in dec/Jan/feb once your application is complete. And then once they see how many of those people accepted, they start offering to the 241 and 240, etc. They still consider those regular applicants so that’s why they’re on the chart. 

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Is this actually true and proven to be used by Alberta Admissions? How do people know about this? It's giving me hope lol! 

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    • If that is your official OLSAS calculation and it’s so off, I’d be curious to know why as well. Generally speaking, my calculator has been reasonably accurate, so it may be worth looking into what they used to come up with those numbers. Assuming you included everything in my calculator, unless something is wrong with how I did things specific to your situation, they may have made a mistake. It’s rare but it happens. I’d confirm.  Let me know if it does turn out to be my app. 
    • https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/upper-year-exchange-applicants/transfer-letter-permission-applicants/ Decisions are generally made in accordance with the following priorities: Up to one-half of the available positions will be awarded to applicants on the basis of the strength of their law school academic records to date. It is therefore critical that we receive an indication of an applicant’s standing relative to the rest of his or her class. No fewer than one-half of the available spaces will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate compelling, compassionate circumstances that require them to transfer to Osgoode Hall Law School. Academic qualifications are not ignored in this subgroup but rather are used to aid in deciding between candidates who demonstrate comparable compassionate circumstances. Within this subgroup, priority will be given to: persons who must relocate to the Toronto area due to their own medical condition or that of an immediate family member; persons who would be separated from their dependents where separation to date has been extensive and commuting is not a viable option; and persons who demonstrate extreme financial hardship occasioned by study outside of the Toronto area. You sound a little insensitive to the fact that there are people attending law school with serious needs. My buddy transferred to Osgoode with a strong B+ average, but also had compassionate reasons in that he could hardly afford living expenses and had a wife and children to care for in Toronto.   
    • There likely isn't, I just find it odd that the change from the past cycle to this one is so different. Like I said in my original post, heed Ryn's advice and don't get your hopes up either way.
    • There has to be... most of the people that got in queue a few days ago received an acceptance
    • I didn't think there was any correlation between when you go into queue and when your are accepted.