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Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

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On 10/15/2018 at 11:48 PM, Luckycharm said:

1L grades are the major factor.

OZ considers compassionate reason(s).

I don't think LSAT was a factor in my case.


Compassionate reasons like moving back home to Toronto because Windsor is so far???? hahah

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20 minutes ago, emasrbmk said:

Compassionate reasons like moving back home to Toronto because Windsor is so far???? hahah


Decisions are generally made in accordance with the following priorities:

  1. Up to one-half of the available positions will be awarded to applicants on the basis of the strength of their law school academic records to date. It is therefore critical that we receive an indication of an applicant’s standing relative to the rest of his or her class.
  2. No fewer than one-half of the available spaces will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate compelling, compassionate circumstances that require them to transfer to Osgoode Hall Law School. Academic qualifications are not ignored in this subgroup but rather are used to aid in deciding between candidates who demonstrate comparable compassionate circumstances. Within this subgroup, priority will be given to: persons who must relocate to the Toronto area due to their own medical condition or that of an immediate family member; persons who would be separated from their dependents where separation to date has been extensive and commuting is not a viable option; and persons who demonstrate extreme financial hardship occasioned by study outside of the Toronto area.

You sound a little insensitive to the fact that there are people attending law school with serious needs. My buddy transferred to Osgoode with a strong B+ average, but also had compassionate reasons in that he could hardly afford living expenses and had a wife and children to care for in Toronto. 


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