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Mature Student, Applying to UCalgary Law School Early

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I am currently enrolled in a concurrent Education program with U of C. I am majoring in English (finishing in May 2020) and then I have to do 2 more years for Education, according to my program. However, after I finish my English degree, I would like to apply for UCalgary Law School. Although I am a mature student who entered university in 2017, I had previously done an Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence Degree in England. The only problem is, that degree was unaccredited as it was at an Islamic University in England and not necessarily a secular one. This is why I was pursuing a secular degree (English) to get into Law School. 

I am wondering what are the chances that I will be accepted into Law School considering:

- I am 24 (26 when I enter Law School) 

- I will be finishing my English degree (and a minor in Business) within 3 years instead of 4 (do not know whether that fully qualifies me as completing a degree since it was only 3 years because I was in the concurrent program with Education)

- I will not be completing the Education degree before applying to Law School. 

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The above isn’t much to go off. You’re not mentioning two of the most critical components: GPA and lsat score. How are those looking?

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    • Haven't heard from all four (didn't apply to Gardiner), but v interested to know
    • I applied to Osgoode last year and at that point I had not taken the LSAT with accommodations and so I clicked no. Now that I am reapplying for 2019, I am being faced with the dilemma of whether or not I should write that I have been granted accommodations on my LSAT. Will this effect my chances if they know that I had accommodations and performed significantly better?
    • Windsor was the only school I applied to and I had a GPA substantially lower than yours. While I can in no way confirm this, I think that Windsor appreciated my decision to only apply there. I think it makes your stated interest in the school come across as more sincere. I think you definitely have healthy stats. Best of luck, hope to see you in the fall. 
    • This is up to you. I had a GPA lower than yours (currently a 2L student). I took the time to explain it in a way that demonstrated the positive strides I had made to try to improve my GPA. My first two years of undergrad were substantially lower than my latter two. Windsor really does look at everything that you submit, so if you can provide a sincere answer as to why your grades were lacking (if you choose to do so) then it's my impression that they will take that into consideration. Best of luck!