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You’ve seen (I assume) the posted stats on the website. Candidates below 157 LSAT are not competitive in the general category, and you by no means have a high enough L2 to balance this out. Re write the LSAT, and consider what changes you can make to your study habits to actually do better. Not just study longer, that can only help to a point. I’m talking tutors or classes or something else concrete to bring improvement. 

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    • Thanks for the help, everybody. I decided to fire off a quick application to Manitoba. My index score of 84 looks to be a good ways above their cutoff, so that's at least a fallback for me if none of the others pan out.
    • uOttawa ITCs so far.... McMillan Osler Wildeboer Dellelce Dentons DLA Piper
    • 1. Have you ever been found guilty of, or convicted of, any offence under any statute? Please exclude speeding and parking tickets. (If you have been found guilty or convicted of an offence under the Young Offenders Act or the Youth Criminal Justice Act, please refer to the section online called “Completing the Paralegal Licensing Process Application” for further details.)   I received a warning range suspension 5 years ago. Non-criminal. Should I disclose?   "Warn-range" suspension Drivers who register a blood alcohol concentration in the warn range of .05 to .08 pose an immediate danger to themselves and other road users. If caught driving in the “warn range,” you will receive an immediate driver’s licence suspension at the roadside: For three days for a first occurrence For seven days for a second occurrence and you must undergo a remedial alcohol education program For 30 days for a third or subsequent occurrence in a five-year period, and you must undergo a remedial alcohol-treatment program and have an ignition interlock condition placed on your licence for six months. If you choose not to install an ignition interlock device, you must not drive until the condition is removed from your licence. An administrative monetary penalty is also imposed on drivers suspended for registering in the warn range.
    • I'll echo everything that McSweeney says and add that's a pretty rough mobile home park too. I had a friend that lived in the Boardwalk apartments nearby. The cops would show up to the mobile home park regularly and there were definitely a few meth heads living there. You could do a lot better. 
    • B2: 4.24 / 4.3 LSAT: 156 one write this past September. Looking for some feedback on if my chances of receiving an offer are strong or not.  I do not have a strong Saskatchewan connection.  To complicate matters though: I did disclose in the application under post-secondary disciplinary actions that I received one non-academic warning. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.