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3rd Year Applicant Chances

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I am currently in my 3rd Year of undegrad pursuing a science degree. I just wrote my LSAT and got a 156. My GPA is about 3.8. Pretty good ECs.What are my chances of getting in? Does TRU even take 3rd year undergrads??

Thanks !

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Your LSAT isn't amazing, but your GPA is decent. Send an application in but don't hold your breath, I have not met anyone here who does not have their undergrad degree even though the admissions page does say they will look at applications with 90 credits.  Honestly I would complete your undergrad. Having a science undergrad can be very attractive to certain law firms, having 3 years of a science degree doesn't mean anything to them.  Once you do complete your undergrad if you can maintain that GPA you should be able to get accepted.

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Generally students who get accepted to any law school with only 3 years of undergrad are exceptional students with very high GPAs and LSATs. Your GPA is good but your LSAT is just decent, so together they don't really have a reason to take you over someone who completed their degree.

I don't know anyone in my class who doesn't have an undergrad degree. There's 0 downside to finishing your degree first. 

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