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Tamar Meshel CAN's

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Hello 2 and 3L's at Dalhousie. The U of A recently hired Tamar Meshel to teach Torts and we don't have any CAN's for her classes. Is there any chance one of you has a quality 1L Torts CAN you'd be willing to share?


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    • Definitely hard to say but I think I've done some considerable volunteering and leadership stuff that I really hope helps my case, but again it's really hard to know what other people applying to a holistic school look like.    I did a lil calculation and my CGPA is only like 2.9, I have some serious regrets about how I used my time in my first few years of university but not much can be done now. I am taking 4 more classes currently to bump myself but as I'm sure you know, its insanely hard to see a lot of movement. I took 4 spring/summer classes and got 4 As, it only moved my L2 GPA by 0.015. Sigh. I'm also signed up for 4 more in Winter but those aren't considered. So if all goes as planned i'll be more in the 3.6L2/3.0 CGPA range going into the 2020 cycle but obviously that doesn't help me for 2019. 

      Anyways, just trying to be as strategic as possible. Again, my expectations are not high and I'm not banking on getting in for 2019- obviously it would be a nice surprise though if I managed to claw my way in somewhere 

    • Sorry guys, this is probably a really stupid question but I've been working on applications all day and my brain is sufficiently fried. I'm not seeing a supporting documents deadline on the OLSAS website or the Windsor Law site. Does this mean my actual references have to be complete by November 1st, or is there an actual document deadline I'm just not seeing? Also, does anyone know what the outline for these reference letters look like? I'm trying to advise my referees on what is required but I'm having a hell of time finding out more details. 

    • I called OLSAS today with the same question. The asked me to get the college to send OLSAS a letter saying that they can not provide transcripts. And they said the deadline for "these sort of documents" is later than November 1st. so I shouldn't worry if it doesn't get there by November 1st.
    • Yeah, it forces you to make choices.  ie. who do you choose between: -your dream firm where you sense you did not wow them but they are lukewarm on it (can you turn things around and wow them at the dinner?) -a firm you sense was wowed by you but you are lukewarm on it (if you have a good experience at the dinner will you like it more?) -the most "prestigious" firm you interviewed for as you see it -the firm you threw in on a whim that you weren't expecting to like but find intriguing
    • The whole point of dinners/receptions is to see who's making time for the firm. Most people have competing engagements, and everyone needs to decide where to allocate their limited time based on their preferences and priorities. Dinners are deliberately long enough that your entire evening is taken up by one firm. It's not about what's convenient for the students interviewing - people who want to work at that firm will make the time to be at their reception.