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September snow!

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A friend and colleague sent me a picture this morning of the snow outside his house. We have a running, and humorous, back and forth every year about our cities' respective weather.

For those of you who have never experienced September snow before, enjoy! As much as people complain about the Ottawa weather, in the seven years I've been here we have never had snow this early. Knock on wood. ;)

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    • So I have managed to get into some laws schools this year after a failed first attempt.
      Now that I've been accepted I've been wondering a lot about how I would fit into law school as well as the profession itself.
      This is a pretty personal question so I would have to tell you a little bit about myself. I am extremely introverted. I started undergrad in my mid twenties, and never developed a single friendship during university. I don't think I've ever held a conversation with someone that lasted over 5 minutes, save for professors at office hours. (side note to feel better about myself: I have 5 friends I've known since childhood, so I never really "feel the need" for new friends, or even to make the effort, so to speak). The mere thought of networking throughout law school turns me off. It's not that I'm antisocial or anything; I like to be pleasant to others just as the next guy, and I wouldn't describe myself as difficult to be around, but I would much rather keep quiet and be by myself. I know building networks isn't exactly synonymous with making friends, but any type of relationship building comes at a painstaking effort on my part. In short, I want to avoid actively networking during law school if at all possible. Not willing to participate in any social clubs/events, etc. Also, during my undergrad I have almost never participated in class discussions. I preferred listening to lectures and writing papers. To this day I don't feel comfortable speaking in public, let alone engage in intellectual discussions with strangers. I can do it when I absolutely must (and I personally don't think I'm terrible at it, though I might be mistaken), but again, would much rather not. Would this sort of tendency be a major hindrance for me? Should I get ready to force myself to drastically change if I decide to go to law school and eventually practice law? And incidentally, just how important is networking? Another thing, I will be in my late twenties starting 1L. I have only ever worked warehouse jobs since high school. Mostly production work; never any office experience. 
      May this pose a problem as well? I would imagine that those entering law school at around my age would mostly have solid work experiences that go beyond shift manager at a logistics warehouse (not that that's bad, just not really relevant to working at a law firm). Considering my age, I worry that I won't have anything to show for myself when applying for summer jobs/articles.  The only thing I can think of that may work to my advantage is that I am not picky at all about where I article/practice as long as I don't leave my home (BC). Interiors, up North, Greater Vancouver, small town, big city, anywhere is fine for me. I also think that I have a low expectation of what being a lawyer entails (for myself anyway). I do not expect to make a lot of money, and have high tolerance for engaging in boring, repetitive work for long hours (not that I know what the work is actually like).
      Do you think someone like myself can succeed in law school and as a lawyer? After being rejected last year I felt like I desperately needed to get some good news this year, but now that I've been accepted I am second guessing myself so hard! 
      I feel like I've rambled on. Any advice/opinion is welcome. Thank you for reading. 
    • If you really want to read stuff, read the newspaper. Every day. It would be a lot more valuable than law school textbooks.
    • Automne 2019 Lettre de confirmation reçue le 11 février. Cegep côte R 36.41, sciences. Avez vous eu aussi des nouvelles? J’étais très surprise par la réponse rapide.
    • Oops, thank you!! @erinl2 or other admin, can you please move this to the UBC forum?
    • Just chatting with people from the university, a few lawyers/Western students from Torys, and other accepted applicants. Business formal, although there's some wiggle room - so shirt and tie w/o a blazer would probably be okay, etc. If you want to be safe, just wear the full suit. You won't be overdressed.