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Chances? 923 index?

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I think my cGPA after drops will be 3.78/4.33 with a LSAT score of 165.

Would appreciate any insights! Thanks

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    • Wondering if there are any other incoming articling students with MAG who are yet to receive any news or updates about start dates etc. 
    • Yes, let's be careful that we're posting about the right school. Thompson Rivers U and Trinity Western U are obviously not the same school. The controversy was with Trinity Western, which, by the way, does not have a law school. Thompson Rivers U has been around for several years and is a perfectly fine choice.  If you are already a practicing lawyer, shouldn't you know this?
    • I've stopped waiting and started planning my applications for next year. I'm going to apply early to every school in BC and AB. Waiting without action really doesn't suit me. Of course if I get an offer I'll accept, but if I don't I'm already on to the next step so rejection won't crush me. 
    • I've seen those numbers based on old Bar discussions on this site.  There has never been a conclusive passing mark though, people seem to think the cut off point is anywhere from low 60s to low 70s.   I have no idea if people who get 90s on practice exams fail the real thing.
    • Trinity Western university (TWU) is an entirely different school from Thompson Rivers University (TRU). TWU doesn't have a law school

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