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    • Bit of a tangent but I've been curious about this for a while. I often read about strong/spectacular ECs on this forum. I'm interested to know what people would consider strong ECs! Barring the occasional (obviously sarcastic) mention of curing cancer or winning a Nobel prize, I haven't read much about what would be considered strong ECs. There's a lot to unpack here, I'm sure. It could be hard to compare K-JDs to people with legal experience to people who have work experience in other milieus. In any case, I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on what they would consider to be a strong EC!
    • I will not talk like i want to be a lawyer because every one has different point of view but i will come up little different just asking a question to you guys and will explain you in detail as well. Like you have been in a drug offense situation and you have been accused as well from court. What will be your first thought definitely you will hire a Drug Offense lawyer to deal with this situation as he knows all the circumstances. As Drugs are deeply rooted in our society. People today start using drugs as early as the age of adolescence. Children going to schools are exposed to drugs. If this is not enough, modern synthetic drugs are now being customized to avoid detection and seizure by the security agencies and drug control authorities. Are you or someone you know dealing with drug possession charges? Contact a professional drug offence lawyer from the abled team.  Being lawyer Ethics,principles and values, which together with rules of conduct and laws, regulate a profession, such as the legal profession. You made every profession good or bad by your action and skills.
    • Received acceptance email yesterday but will be declining.   CGPA:  3.51 LSAT:  161
    • References to R score is a Quebec thing, not necessarily a Francophone thing. We do Cegep. It's normal for a university to market itself to the local norms.  While McGill does accept people with lower LSATs (i knew of a guy who was accepted with 154, though he had a 4.0 in undergrad and ma and publications and cool work experience), McGill also advertises their average LSAT. Your whole package is taken into consideration.  Not sure what is "risk-taking" by discussing the possibility of applying. Your application, however, is below average for both GPA and LSAT. It certainly isn't impossible but I do agree with Pzabby that you should temper expectations and work on fleshing out your application more.
    • Hm I’m thinking of going as well. I’d have to skip a class but it might be worthwhile to meet some of the people I might be in it with for 3 years! I already toured the campus with a current student (who was great) but I’m sure this event will have some value with its new student focus. 

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