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Dual JD Program

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Hi guys!  I'm currently enrolled in Canadian-American Dual JD Program but couldn't find much info about it in this forum, so I hope you guys don't mind me posting here!

I initially applied with the intention of having exposure to the American legal education and hopefully to their job market as well, but given an additional year of school/unemployment & none of the affiliated schools being considered as top-tier schools, I'm having seconds thoughts.  I'm mainly in it for the experience and for the ease of transition if I happen to like it. 

So my questions are...

1. Does anyone know/heard of other people's experience in this program? 

2. Am I too naive to think that this dual program could open more doors for me, both in Canada and in the States? (ie. are there merits to this program if I'm just wanting to test the water) 

Any info would be highly appreciated!  Thank you guys in advance!

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I am an American whose Canadian fiance received an excellent physician offer to Ottawa Hospital. I am applying to both Canadian and U.S. schools and learned about the joint American-Canadian JD...However, I am concerned for the same reasons that you illustrated.  I would like to hear about your experience thus far. Thank you. 

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