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Taking September 2018 - Chances for 2019?

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Hi all! Thanks in advance for helping me out :)


I am currently a 3rd year student, and will be finishing up school in 2 more semesters (done my degree in April 2019). I did the June 2018 LSAT and scored a 159. My undergrad grades are still coming in, (10 more courses left) but my average is around a 83% without drops and 85% with drops. I am retaking the September LSAT in hopes of getting 165+. 


How do my chances look currently with my 159 and cGPA for Uvic? Would it help immensely if I scored a 165+ on the september LSAT? 


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I got in late (end of July) this year with a 159 and 3.85 gpa (w/ drops). A higher LSAT score would help but you may get in without it.

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