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Schedule and Booklist

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1 hour ago, legallybrunettesk said:

Hi! When do we get the 1L schedule and booklist?


The schedule is already up on the site under the current students tab. As for when we are assigned our sections and receive our booklists, I hope it’s soon! 

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Last year, the booklists weren't completely finalized until the first day of class--one professor didn't actually bring his required texts into the bookstore, and we had to purchase them from a third-party seller during class. There's also an LSA used textbook sale that usually runs the first week (or so) of classes.

It's kind of bushleague from a "I'd like to know how much money I need" perspective, but it's generally good practice to hear what books are required versus those that merely supplemental.

Even if the booklist appears firm, I would highly suggest waiting. It didn't hinder me at all--outside of the constitutional textbook selling out of the bookstore and taking almost a month and a half to come in.

Also, as a quick note on supplemental texts: I purchased most of them. A couple were helpful, a couple didn't even get cracked. They were pretty much all available on reserve at the library. As such, I wouldn't buy them, if I was doing it all over again.

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How long does it take for getting PAWS access?

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