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Another Chances Post..

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Hey all,

I've been doing a bit of planning over the summer in regards to my future post-undergrad (I finish this upcoming year), and I was thinking about applying to McGill law after my last year. McGill law is not the only plan I have -- as I also intend to apply to several universities for graduate studies -- but I was just curious what you all would think my chances for admission are.

1. Grades: I had a 4.0 GPA (all grades are on a 4.0 scale) my first year, 3.9 second year, and 3.9 third year. If cGPA matters I calculated it to be a 3.93 GPA. Also, I have no idea if program matters but I am currently a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) student.

2. LSAT: I will not be writing the LSAT as the only law school I am interested in is McGill due to its uniqueness.

3. Work experience: Lots of work experience in leadership positions and also lots of experience dealing with stressful situations in my jobs (probably worked a bit too much and sacrificed some potential volunteer work opportunities). Experience working with the government, as well as experience working in a completely Francophone environment.

4. French: My first language is English and all my studies have been entirely in English; however, I have self-taught myself French and, as I mentioned previously, I have an adequate level of French to work in French in the service sector. I would say currently my level of French is intermediate-advanced but closer to advanced. 

4. Extra-Curriculars: Volunteered through Hockey as an official, coached sports in the past, vice-president for a club at my university, a bit of experience volunteering with youth offenders and with students with learning disabilities. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I think I could strengthen this part of my application (if not for this year, perhaps in the future if I intend to reapply).

I think that's all that's relatively important, but if there are any questions that you have to clarify my situation please feel free to ask.


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Your stats and experiences are comparable to mine (I had a negligibly higher GPA, but worse ECs) and I was accepted. I wrote the LSAT, though, and had an alright score.

The admissions process is pretty nebulous to me, but I'd say that you have pretty good odds. Best of luck!


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    • I don't think they weigh your cGPA too heavily. My cGPA is pretty tragic but I have a strong L2 and a sub-par LSAT and was waitlisted last cycle. I know that's not an acceptance but I really do think they prioritize your L2, and favour a strong upward trend. (I have friends who were accepted over previous cycles with lower cGPA's but strong L2's as well). 
    • I was accepted by Western this cycle with with a 3.08 cGPA and a 3.65 L2 (and a 167 LSAT). Mind you, I also have 2 masters degrees and got an A- average in both (both were course-based). I think cGPA does matter, but they account for how long ago your undergrad was and what you've done since then, and whether you've proved that you could probably do better if you were given another chance (and ergo succeed in law school). 
    • Hi, are there any LLM applicants for the year 2021/2022 who received an admission e mail from Dalhousie? My application was completed on 31st March 2021 and waiting for a reply from the University. Just wondering whether any one of you guys have an update.    Thank you!!!
    • There are a lot of municipalities in Canada. City of Toronto hires a few articling students (most of their lawyers are former articling students and they rarely hire from outside though), along with Region of Peel, York Region, and some others I've seen. For federal government, there is only really the DOJ Legal Excellence Program. The municipalities also hire junior lawyers and I've seen quite a few postings in York Region and the surrounding areas. The process is a lot faster than the federal government which can take over a year from the time you apply. The federal government rarely hires junior lawyers outside of its articling students and federal court clerks. And you often see mid-level lawyers applying for LP-01 positions with the federal government and going through a written exam and interview processes just to end up in a waiting pool. I know people who applied in 2019 for the most recent DOJ LP-01 recruitment process and were put into a waiting pool which is scheduled to expire soon, after which point you have to apply all over again. So getting your foot in the door is a lot harder than it is for municipal and provincial. Certainly, getting into provincial is easier than municipal as there are a lot more legal positions available as well. 
    • Hey I'm a bit late here but I can give you my personal experience. It is quit the contrary of what your expectations seem to be. I did 3 years CEGEP and a 4 year Undergrad (just because I took my time). I spent some time managing a restaurant, then started a law certificate in the evening, then law school. I thought I would be disadvantaged because my background was so far away form the classic path to Biglaw. I will be 28 when graduating. I just did my Course aux stages and got 4 offers, while having a 3.65 GPA. First, they don't care about your age. If you have done anything productive in the past 10 years, it will be a great advantage to you in the interviews, because you might have more to say than anyone else. Find a way to highlight your maturity/leadership or whatever it is you have developed while others were in high school. I had a lot of misconceptions about a supposed prejudice towards older candidates, but I can assure you they don't really care. Get involved in whatever gets you going and be passionate about something. Good luck!

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