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51 minutes ago, iameli said:

Thanks for the info. Did you get the loc with a cosigner or without? 


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Everything really depends on the rep you get who makes the application. Speak to a different rep at Scotia, or go further with the process at the other banks. My bank at first refused me completely even though I have a credit score over 800, and a reasonable amount of undergrad debt, but then I spoke to the manager at the branch and was approved without a co-signer.

Someone will likely offer you the line of credit.

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On 7/26/2018 at 5:49 PM, iameli said:

No, I've only asked my cosigner to sign for Scotia as of right now. My assumption is that if Scotia, TD, and CIBC dont accept the application, no other bank probably would. If someone has any other experience, I would greatly appreciate if they could let me know.

I apologize that I'm super late to this. Prior to law school I had banked with CIBC and TD for many years. Both would have required a cosigner.

I spoke to one Rep at RBC who offered me the same rates that CIBC/TD were offering and they did not require a cosigner. It really doesn't hurt to ask. 

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