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Does Queen's split up years in the B2 analysis?

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I'm taking an extra semester in 5th year to finish my degree and boost my GPA. I'm wondering if Queen's would consider that extra semester, my entire fourth year, and then winter semester of third year; or if they only look at full years. I've emailed admissions but no one has gotten back to me. Thanks 




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I should add that these four semesters would be my best grades 

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Depends on when you're applying. If you're applying this Fall for September 2019 admittance, and also finishing your last term this Fall, then when you apply you won't have any marks for your term, so you application will be assessed with your current 3rd and 4th year. But adcoms will update your application once you send them your final grades, whenever this becomes available. And most files don't get read until the Winter term anyway. So your new grades would factor into a recalculation of your Best 2

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Hey if anyone had the same question, Queen's got back to me with this: 


We do not split academic years by semester. We would be looking at your 2 highest scoring sets of Fall & Winter semesters that were completed at a full load.
Andrew Van Overbeke
Admissions Coordinator, Queen’s Law

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