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    • You have a deep misunderstanding of how relative advantages factor into where you end up in life.
    • I have a strong suspicion that this comment is going to derail this thread. 😃
    • I don't mean to derail this conversation any more, but "work your ass off" means very different things for those who come from an extremely financially stable background vs. those who don't. It's a lot easier to "get into university, maintain a high GPA, pass the LSAT, get into law school, maintain good grades in law school, kill articling interviews, work yourself to the grindstone during articling, pass the bar" when you don't have to worry about financial burdens.  utmguy is not guilty - he/she is just recognizing that he/she had it better than other people. No need to lambaste someone acknowledging that.
    • I noticed the years have an effect on your gpa calculation in Ryn's calculator as well. My understanding was UBC just takes all your % grades and averages them, (with drops). So here's how I did it: average all my % grades (taking out 4 worst half semester courses). But then if you use Ryn's gpa calculation, it seems like its getting average of the year's averages = meaning if you take 12 courses in 4th year, those 12 will have the same weight as 8 courses taken in 2nd year...  Anyone else seeing the same thing? 
    • That's what I keep telling myself haha! Hopefully then we just have a few more days to wait Fingers crossed! Will update when I get news
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