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    • A proper studio apartment in Vancouver will still cost around $1600+. Availability has increased, but prices haven't gone down. 
    • People with rich parents who will pay for their education; Toronto residents who can stay at home and wouldn’t want to leave the province;  People with significant commitments in the city, such as a partner or child; and People very interested in NY Biglaw that are too dumb, unilingual, or broke to get into U of T, a T14 US law school, or McGill.  If there was a reliable way to predict success, I would add some categories (I think going to Osgoode has been a net-benefit for me, and I’m not in those categories). But there isn’t, so that’s it. 
    • I died ^ 😂. Dw if I get into Osgoode I will definitely help you out with the dancing part. 😎 just be confident! That’s half the battle 😛 🤗
    • That facility wasn't open when I was in school but it looks like it replaced the old facility.  It is still in the Van Vliet building which is a bit of a walk from the law building.
    • If money isn't an issue (by virtue of privilege, or self sacrifice of living rent free with family for 2-3 years) and you're interested in social justice areas of the law which lean heavily to hiring candidates who have demonstrated and practical training in those areas. I'll let @BlockedQuebecois add more since he goes there, but that's how much I can infer based on what I know.
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