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Paralegal licence exam prep

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Anybody else also studying for the p1 exam for this summer? I'm writing the exam this summer, looking for study buddies to create an index, do practice exams and etc. I have the exam materials provided by lsuc, I also rented the Emond prep course for the p1, its video presentations and power points presentations of all the areas that are gona be on the exam. if interested please email me at [email protected] 

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    • Hey,  I'm moving from BC. I found a place through Kijiji. I had just been scanning the ads regularly. I was going to rent an extra month in July just to secure a place but ended up finding one that started mid August. So my suggestion is keep an eye out there. Also avoid Marda. They were awful and rude when I spoke with them.  As for course enrollment I believe we dont have to first year. I'm under the impression we get registered by the school. I could be wrong but when I was reading the handbook for the MSW/JD program that's what I got from it. I know you can check your uwinsite and at the top where it says applicant click it should drop down and there should be a student option if your account is activated. Mine is not yet. Not sure if others are.  We will also be receiving a welcome package in the beginning of August through mail with more info I believe. 
    • Just to dispel this myth, it isn't really true. Certain fields of law and practices, absolutely. But you can definitely work in Montreal being an Anglo with limited French.
    • Depends on the prof and time of year. Some profs are more helpful than others and some times of year they are busier than others. Some of them don't set rigid office hours but are easily available by appointment. During midterms/exams, office hours will invariably be busier than usual, but still easy to get in to. I find that the best way to have a productive conversation during office hours is to ensure I have compiled clear, narrow questions. It facilitates much more directed conversations and professors tend to be happier to help students who appear to be making efforts to learn rather than simply coming to them asking to be taught the entire course material. For example, I would not go to office hours simply asking for them to explain a topic. I would read about the topic, develop questions I had about it and go to them for clarification/discussion on specific issues I had.
    • I'm in the same boat as you with no hire-back from a public sector organization that would have hired me back if it had the budget (and due to recent budget cuts, it does not). I've applied to about 15 organizations for any positions asking between 0-2 to years of experience since mid April, with the most being at the beginning of May. I've heard back from four so far for interviews. The average response time has been about 1 month from the public sector, and about 2-weeks from the private sector.  I'm in the same situation as you, in that my area of law is niche administrative (municipal and planning) and so I have only been applying to public sector organizations and boutiques in that area.  I've actually had the most success applying outside of Ontario in Alberta. Have you considered relocation? I think it might be the most realistic option given the change of government in Ontario, although, its a financial hit. Good luck!
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