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    • Mind sharing in PM? I got invited to in firm on Monday and breakfast on Tuesday. Would like to know what I’m getting myself into lol
    • That's a shame. I get more for every hour billed. 
    • I was just going to ask this. I have heard that, in some cases, it really can be worth it. 

      However, at times, I doubt whether my hours will really contribute to the size of my bonus. Does it really matter whether I'm 200 hours over or 300 hours over? If all of my colleagues hit the target plus some hours won't we all just get about the same amount? We don't talk about it here (obviously super faux pas to ask fellow associates what their bonus was) and a part of me believes that the difference in bonus between an associate with 50 hours over and an associate with 300 hours over is marginal.

    • I am urging all of you to read the banner at the top of the page. Extraneous discussion is not allowed in Admitted threads and posts will be hidden. Please don't create any more work for the mod team. If you have additional questions for other members, send them a PM. Thanks.