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law student career transitions

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Im entering my third year in law school this september, in my 1L summer I worked at a personal injury firm, in my current 2L summer I am working at a full service midsize firm in the personal injury department ,  I have taken a few courses focused on business law and I loved it, and as of right now I would love to gain some experience in this field, more than just that I wish to gain experience in a multitude of legal areas ie. I wish to work in a full service bay st firm and rotate through the departments accruing knowledge of different areas as a result


1) How do I show firms that I want to be involved in business law rather than personal injury even though this where I have built my experience?

2) Is it possible to "get stuck" in particular areas of law after being in them for  a certain period of time?

3)What steps can I take to make myself more appealing to the full service bay st firms?

4) would rotating through different legal areas in this stage of my career be an advantage of a hindrance? I can see how the exposure to different areas can be perhaps beneficial, but would the lack of specialization in any given area make me any less competitive e.g. against individuals who have been only learning in one area of law for years


Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help 

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