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    • They said earlier that they hope to have all their decisions made by May 31st and that if you haven't heard back by that point then to call them about it. I'd say no news is good news though since it means you haven't been waitlisted or rejected yet.
    • Yes. Relax and enjoy your weekend - I know waiting is stressful, but don't work yourself up before you've even received a decision. So much of this process is out of your hands, so be kind to yourself. 
    • Hi, sorry for starting a second topic so soon (I will delete the first one shortly) just another thing came to mind.  Although I did fill out the optional essay for circumstances (Essentially, Windsors version of Access category), I, being the idiot I am, did NOT ask for accommodation on the LSAT. I easily could have, the REASON I didn't ask was because I didn't know you could actually receive extra time. I thought "accommodation" was just things like a longer break, or being able to type on the PC for writing sample, or a quiet room, or being able to eat if you happen to be diabetic Etc. My panic disorder and obsessive tendencies sure as hell could've used an extra 15 minutes on the games section. I had a panic attack on the logic games section, which is why I scored a 157, where as I was usually at least 160 on prep tests (I gave medical documentation). I only found out recently you could actually get more time!  My Question/concern is this: They don't ASSUME you received accommodation on the LSAT just because you're in access category right? I know that if you receive accommodation (according to the queens law forum), many professors from admissions apparently use that as a negative slant against you.  The reason I ask, is because I know for a fact that they stopped putting the black dot next to your name a few years ago, so now they don't know who did or did not receive accommodation.... now I know I'm sounding like a paranoid idiot, but just hear me out.. what if they just ASSUME I received it, with no proof, only the fact I'm in access category, and then they use it against me and I go lower on the wait list ranking?  Should I let them know via email that I specifically didn't ask for nor receive accommodation so they don't think my 157 was the result of getting like an extra 15 minutes on each section? Should I do the same to the other schools I applied as access to? I'm prepared to give them a PDF of my photocopied ticket for proof if I have to. Would this be a good idea? Am I just being paranoid? 
    • Black captoe oxfords will always be appropriate. If you're in Toronto, buy something from Loding or Woolridge in the PATH that you can take care of and resole later. Should set you back $500 all in. Johnston and Murphy's Melton captoe is a fine budget option. Kudos to you for thinking to buy a pair of black shoes first. I'm seeing a lot of tan shoes with dark suits in this year's summer student photos. It's a bad look.
    • Just try not to stress about it. Windsor seems like a strange one, I was waitlisted months ago. I forgot about them and even forgot my log in. I've since been admitted to Ottawa and Osgoode. Also not writing about social justice would probably have no effect if they want to admit you, I wrote about that and was still placed on the waitlist. Just remain positive and hope for the best! 
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