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    • To quality the above, MacBook keyboards are good, however there have been a lot of complaints about the new keyboard design. I definitely prefer the keyboard of my 2015 MacBook pro in comparison to the new design. 
    • I demonstrated interest through general litigation moots and my course selection for later years. 
    • Looking at the list of textbooks posted on the College's website, it appears that all of the required textbooks are the same edition as the 1L textbooks last year. As long as you confirm the editions (there may be some 3L's that will be selling their 1L texts that are older editions), then you will be fine. I would suggest selecting textbooks that have minimal highlighting as some law students are heavy-handed when it comes to highlighting. Excessive highlighting by others can make it challenging to determine what elements of the cases are essential to you. New texts will cost you about $1000-$1500 depending on if you get all the supplementary or not, so used is a great option IF you match the editions. I would highly recommend against getting older editions as students in my year did that, and they often were missing cases or had to spend additional time figuring out the right pages. 
    • Get Windows, because that's what you'll most likely be using in practice after graduation. You can also get a Mac if you dual boot.   The specs of the computer should be good enough that the exam-writing software does not lag. Some exam-writing software can be taxing on your computer for some reason and may crash it. Your priority should be a comfortable and a high-quality keyboard on the laptop. You will be typing a lot and it helps to be able to type fast in exams. Mac keyboards are generally very good. It's harder to find a Windows laptop that has a high quality keyboard. 
    • I see people starting to post 1L textbooks for sale on Facebook is it worth it to get used textbooks or is it easier to get them through the bookstore. I’m mainly worried about getting the right edition, do they change often? 
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