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    • Context: I've been admitted into McGill twice now, but still dont know if I should accept. I haven't even applied for University of Manitoba yet & I don't want to get ahead of myself because I've never done the LSAT (McGill doesn't require it because I guess the LSAT isn't offered in French?). However, assuming University of Manitoba is even feasible as a future alternative, I'm trying to balance the following information with an offer of admission to my personal dream law program: - I'm a 30 year old PhD student with completed M.A., and I'm actually fully employed at the moment with what I feel is a great salary (although from what I understand, it is below what most lawyers make within 2 years of leaving law school). I highlight pay because I'm a humanities graduate student, which offers very few employment opportunities within the field, so I'm aware how fortunate I am to be one of the few grad students/M.A. graduates with economic stability relatively soon after a degree. - I am aware that I will need to leave this good job to pursue law, but I just started it and it's the first time this perpetual student has had financial stability. - I have a mortgage in Winnipeg, so University of Manitoba would be financially cheaper, but both programs are financially feasible with a professional student loan. - I have a spouse with a well-paying career in Winnipeg. We met in grad school so we have been surrounded by successful long-distance relationships. My partner fully supports either decision. - I have been told that McGill offers more opportunities outside of Manitoba and even Canada, whereas University of Manitoba offers opportunities mostly within Manitoba. My partner and I enjoy Winnipeg but met outside of Winnipeg, grew up in different provinces, and both love the flexibility of being able to feasibly support ourselves in a different city if we so choose. - I have family in Winnipeg that has made clear they support my studies at University of Manitoba only, and that they think I am making "the mistake of my life" even considering accepting McGill's second offer of admission. I have been told that this family can be a bit abusive at times, but my family is very tight-knight in many ways, and not North American in just as many ways, so considering family for life decisions is weighed heavily. Take that as you will, forum participants. -As I mentioned, McGill is my dream program. I was previously admitted, but had to say no because I couldn't afford it at the time and received a generous & competitive offer to pursue doctoral studies. I was in debt at the time and am now completely debt free minus my mortgage. - I am rather determined to do law school one way or another, but I am very scared about the LSAT. I do very well academically, but that is in a research-based context. I have not done a standardized/multiple choice exam since high school. I don't remember my scores but would assume they were average. I excel at long-form examinations,  so I'm not confident I'd be able to get a high score for a standardized test. I have heard that the University of Manitoba has a percentile cut-off, and that it's very rigid (source: friend who was around 0.0.3% below the cut-off and was told she would not be considered). I am considered this is a case of a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush I'm hoping to get unbiased opinions regarding both programs & what is the best career move for someone in my situation. Thanks in advance
    • I couldn't find this topic/comparison in the forum, but please correct me if I'm wrong. As the title implies, I'm hoping to get a good comparison between McGill and University of Manitoba going.
    • Which province are you from? I'm trying to see if I missed the boat on interviews 
    • dual students don't have torts first year either. 
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