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    • I couldn't find this question elsewhere but I was just wondering, typically, how long does it take for a firm to offer an OCI after reviewing your application? Would they be sending out offers within a week? Do they take their time and do it in September? Just looking for a general timeline
    • Hi, Congrats incoming students! I am a law student and have been going to school from a house in Caswell. I am renting out my basement, so if you need a good spot to live, here it is. Also you know that the guy upstairs will absolutely respect exam period!   https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1453788680&posted=true&adActivated=true&edited=true
    • As others have said, make sure you have your client(s) "present" as you need settlement authority in the room.  It's a problem that crops up quite a bit at small claims.  Otherwise it's pretty low stakes and every conference is a little different.  Some are a bit off the walls.  Don't be shy about asking for time with your client alone if you need it, the point is to facilitate settlements and a private aside often assists with that purpose.  Expect pressure to settle no matter how frivolous the arguments on the other side.
    • An Instant Pot or slow cooker. Makes healthy cooking easier and less of a hassle.  A hard drive or a cloud account of some sort.  If you already have a good idea of how you learn best, make sure you're well-stocked with your supplies, whether that be highlighters, post-it tabs, or a flip chart/white board.  Not necessarily a buy, but were you working or volunteering this summer? Update your resume while it's all still fresh in your mind. 
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