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UVic vs. UofA

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I've been accepted to both but I'm definitely leaning towards UVic. However I wanted to hear some other people's opinions.

I have lived in Edmonton my whole life and did my undergrad at UofA. Moving to Victoria would mean leaving behind my family and long-term boyfriend. If I stayed I could continue living at home for free. I know zero people in Victoria.

I don't want to live in Alberta long term. The dream is to move to BC asap, hopefully somewhere on the coast. I hate Edmonton's weather. 

I want to work for the government and I have no desire to work for a big firm. In this respect UVic seems like a better option. 

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The best advice about choosing where to go to school: go to school where you want to practice. If you don't want to practice in Alberta or Edmonton, don't stay in Edmonton. If your long term plan is to move to BC, you should go there. The networking opportunities available to you at each school will be primarily focused on the local market. Your exposure to the BC market is not as much as it would be if you were in BC. 

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