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Environmental Law Centre clinic

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Environmental Law Centre clinic at UVic and would be willing to talk about it?

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    • In 2017 I had L2 of 3.4 and a 164 LSAT and I was waitlisted then accepted a month after.
    • My status has been at “under evaluation” since Nov 7th and nothing on the Ottawa portal has changed. I know it’s not near the end but should I be concerned? 
    • Si ça peut t’aider, j’ai été admise en droit à ULaval à l’automne 2017 sous la base universitaire, j’avais complétée 45 crédits dans le bac en administration des affaires à l’ESG UQAM et j’avais une cote de 3.67/4.3. J’avais également été acceptée à UOttawa et j’étais sur la liste d’attente à Sherbrooke. Donc, pour ULaval, je considère que tu as beaucoup de chance d’être accepté!
    • They only do interview on Monday and Tuesday and almost every spot were free. So I guess they were just starting
    • I think Onepost made some great points, so I don't see any reason to restate what was said in that post.  I would just like to add that I am also applying to law school with a history of depression. I'm certainly nervous about it, especially since it affected my performance in undergrad. I've made the decision that I don't want my mental illness hold me back from pursuing my goals in life, and I hope that in the end it won't hold you back either. However, I second Onepost that suicidal thoughts are very serious, and that it may benefit you to take some time to address mental health concerns before actually accepting any offers.  One final consideration is that it is often easier to access mental health resources as a student. If you are having difficulty paying for a therapist or getting the appropriate medication, the campus wellness center may be able to help out. You may have to weigh the benefits of having reliable access to good care against the difficulty of placing yourself in a stressful environment.  I wish you all the best for the future and that you are able to find fulfillment whatever you decide.