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P1 Exam February 13 2018 Indices

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Hi! Indices are the brunt of my existence. I've laboriously crafted the section for Criminal Law portion of the exam. It has taken numerous hours but is pretty darn good. Does anyone wish to trade my section for another section? I went online to Emond & they only had sample Barrister Indices...so out of luck in that regard.  

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I have been searching on this forum for other Paralegals who may have created indices for the P1 Licensing Exam but haven't found any yet except yours.  I will be writing in February 2019 and looking to find a sample indices.   I am also an index freak (used them throughout my studying).    Let me know at least how they worked for you and if you have any advice.

Were you able to prepare one for each area? 

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