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    • Windsor's wait list is a joke
    • Most schools will require a final transcript from accepted students. I imagine it's pretty rare for an offer to be rescinded, unless you let your grades drop a lot. It isn't wise to allow this to happen, though, as you will likely have instances in law school where you're going to have to provide an undergrad transcript. 
    • In the extremely likely chance that I go, I'll make a thread closer to the date and we'll get something organized for sure. So excited to meet the people I'll be spending the next 3 years in the trenches with!
    • If you've thrown in the towel for the LSAT, do not fear. Monica Whyte also offers personal fitness training. https://www.monicawhyte.com/about.html
    • Unless you are waiting for your top choice, you may want to consider withdraw your applications to school that you are definitely rule out.... this will help others still waiting anxiously. e.g. your priority- OZ, U of T Ottawa, Queens, Windsor and Ryerson. Now that you received an offer from Ottawa, you can keep OZ and U of T open and withdraw from the rest.. Just my suggestion.

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