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Confused on pursuing a paralegal course at this age. Is it too late?

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I couldn’t find an entry into any law schools near me. I always wanted to become a lawyer. Have my basic graduation from the University of Toronto in Commerce. Pursuing a diploma in Paralegal is my target, now. I have short-listed a college near me which I find more feasible with my conditions altogether. I plan on attending a paralegal course in Toronto [mod edit: OP linked to Cestar College  -WJ]. Well, I believe my age won’t matter in gaining an entry to the new career stream that I seek now. I am a bit confused now, as with the doubts some had raised here. 
I know that I am good at research and finding solutions for any questions. I am good at bookkeeping and also administrative works and taking responsibilities that even normally one hesitates to do.

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its never too late, being a paralegal can be a great career choice. Don't forget that as a paralegal you are not limited to assisting a lawyer, but you can also take on and represent clients yourself. 

If you are looking for more of an administrative career, I would recommend looking into a law clerk program

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