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Does anyone have a helpful report on AI and the legal market?

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Disclaimer: I know you guys hate talking about this and so do I, but as a law student and hopeful lawyer, I am always on the lookout for something to ruin my day.

With that said, are there any good reports out there outlining how fast some of this stuff is being implemented? I know Denton's uses Ross, but I have no idea how this is affecting associate hiring or whether it even works well. All of the reports seem to hype it up, but no one really says how it's working. It has been a few years since this stuff came out, and I want to know whether I need to worry over the next 5 years. I'm starving for information on this given what seems like a perfect s*** storm: ry-high's new law school, Britain and Australia's increasing imports, alternative services (e.g., Big 4 in some employment and tax stuff), and now AI.  

Not looking for lengthy theories on one side of the argument or the other, but if you have used any of the AI out there and have an opinion, then I would be forever grateful for shining a light on this. I also realize that a lot of this will probably never be implemented in some areas. I don't think a crim firm with 2-3 lawyers or a small general practice in Timmons are going anywhere anytime soon 

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I don't have a good report but if you want to sift through the marketing bullshit, read up on things Ed Walters of Fastcase has to say. He's pretty even-keeled about what is possible with the technology.

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