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I took the LSAT in December and signed up for the February LSAT thinking that I would definitely need to retake it to have a chance at being accepted into UBC. However, I scored 163 in December, and when I use the index calculator with my cGPA (86.06% after drops), the index works out to 92 on the dot, so I don’t think I need to retake it.

Would UBC delay evaluating my application if I am registered for the February LSAT? I am going to cancel it soon anyway, unless someone believes that I should take it for a better shot at admission.

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No they do not put a delay on your file if you have competitive stats. I read on their website that they do, so I called to confirm and he said that even if you are writing the February LSAT, they would not delay your file if you were competitive. And since you're going to be de-registering anyway, it'll show up in their system so you have nothing to worry about! 

92 is auto-admit, so you're in the clear, don't bother re-writing haha. There's already been people admitted in the 91.5+ range. 

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I would just double check you cGPA calculations. I had some issues with it at first. You don't want to cancel only to find out your index is actually lower than you self-calculated. 

I don't remember exactly, but I think I remember students saying they contacted UBC law admissions and having them confirm their index score. 

Either way, best of luck!

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I spoke too soon. I checked the status and it changed to “Offer.” Thank you to those who replied, and good luck to others who have applied :)

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