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Solicitor Exam 2018

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    • Also: don't think of it as a gap year. Think of it as a year of real life. 
    • Get a job, make some good money, get some invaluable experience and perspective, and go on a nice vacation (if/when travel restarts).
    • Hi everyone, I am at the bottom half of the waitlist and I don't think I'll get in this year. Do you have any suggestions for spending a gap year? To those who have applied for more than one cycle, I would be very grateful if you could share your experiences. Many thanks!
    • I've been told that we won't hear anything until very end of June/early July. I asked them whether rolling admissions occurred and they said no. 
    • I am considering a career change from tech to law, and have a background in software development & technology sales. My interest in pursuing law would fall squarely within the realm of privacy, data governance, and emerging technology (specifically explainable AI). In looking around I see there are a few schools that have named institutes or a general focus on law and tech (Dal, UofO, York, UofT, Ryerson), but I am interested in how much of those cirricula relate to IP/patent law vs. privacy and data governance. I assume that IP law and data governance might have significant overlap or will in the near future. I am not really interested in patent law or software licenses. Can anyone who is familiar with these streams comment on your experience and what the focus tends to be at your institution? Do I have an unrealistic expectation of what law school is by thinking I can focus on this narrow intersection of law and tech? I am in the process of reaching out to admissions but I would also like to hear first-hand experiences. Thanks for your time!

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