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U. of C v. U. of A v. Dal

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Some background:
-After grad, I want to go back to Vancouver to work. I realize that this is not always easy and am not opposed to working in Calgary or Toronto. I am not so interested in working/living after graduation in Edmonton or Halifax
-While I want to keep my options open at this point, my broad target is corporate, whether it be big law or boutique
-I’d like to be within a quick flight to Vancouver as I am very close to my family and want somewhat easy access home
-From above, my grandparents are also a bit older and it is a possibility I could be having to make emergency flights home

-I enjoy/really like the city. I’ve been many times over the years and am somewhat familiar with it
-I do have family in Calgary (an uncle and some other far-extended)
-I am very involved in politics and being in Alberta would be useful

-I have an uncle n Edmonton 
-Not too fond of Edmonton though I haven’t been in years
-Again, I am very involved in politics and being in Alberta would be useful

-I’ve been to Halifax and didn’t mind it?

Keeping the above in mind, I’d really appreciate peoples thoughts comparing the quality of the business-oriented legal education, career/student services, article placements, summer offers, firm exposure (esp. to higher end firms) and prospects after graduation.

As I write this I realize that Dal would probably be at the bottom of my preference for these 3 schools but would still appreciate others' thoughts!

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Clearly Dal is at the bottom of your list given your criteria. That being said, as a current student at Dal who is from out West, I will note that my peers seemed to have no problems with Vancouver recruitment this year; a number of students (some with zero ties to Vancouver) ended up at medium and large firms, as well as MAG. The same was also true for Toronto, and even more so for Calgary.

Given your criteria you can't go wrong with U of A or U of C. Really it just comes down to what city you would prefer to be in for 3 years. If you are interested in corporate and not opposed to living/practicing in Calgary, then U of C becomes a little more of an obvious choice, if for no other reason than networking opportunities. But again, if Vancouver is the priority, then you can't really go wrong with Edmonton or Calgary. 

Hope this helps!

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