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Chances? (3.83 CGPA, 3.96 L2, 3.88 L3 / 161 LSAT)

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I was just wondering what my estimated chances are at the following schools: UofT, Osgoode, Western, and Queens. My stats are converted properly using the OLSAS conversion chart. I've been debating retaking the LSAT to up my chances of admission, but honestly I'm not sure how much higher I could score, and I don't want to risk potentially scoring lower than 161. The 161 score was on my first take.

Would like to hear back your thoughts,


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Additional: I would prefer UofT or Osgoode (doesn't matter which one, just want to be closer to my family).

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    • Question is in the title¬†ūüėÄ Can 1L students enrol in elective courses in law, or even outside of law (like economics, ¬†as an example)? lol¬†
    • Yes they are. I'm just saying under discretionary there is no way of knowing their chances of getting in. Under the¬†regular category with those statistics it is highly unlikely they would be admitted.¬†
    • Interesting... You raise a good point. However, I think the simple 30+ point increase itself can¬†help give you an answer to your hypothesis.¬†
    • The LSAT at least purports to assess a bunch of intellectual abilities that are--to a large extent--innate: reading comprehension, logical reasoning, ability to parse and accurately interpret information under time constraints, etc. Law school involving taking in a large amount of information within a limited time from and then being assessed through¬†speeded exams. Legal practice involves having to comb through potentially nearly endless amounts of information, discern what is relevant and apply this in a way that is accurate, relatively complete, and persuasive. Is it not obvious to you why one might hypothesize there is a difference in abilities (that are relevant to the study and practice of law) between someone who can score a 163 in a blind diagnostic LSAT, and someone who has to study for 35 hours a week for 5 months to achieve the same score (even if ultimately their results are identical)? Again, I don't say this to knock you. Once you get admitted, your LSAT score itself is irrelevant.¬†I say that I'm curious about this, as a hypothesis, in terms of what the LSAT actually represents. Because you studied very long and hard, which¬†is absolutely to your credit, but in law school and legal practice everyone has the same amount of lead time to complete tasks.
    • So I had originally intended to apply at UVic only if my LSAT was high enough, but since my¬†score was on the¬†lower end of what I was hoping for, and¬†is¬†good enough for a shot at¬†my second choices, I was going to pass this school¬†up. However, I'm thinking I may apply at¬†UVic anyway as my "reach" school¬†(even though I'm likely still waitlist material at best). But since the index circulating on these forums uses percentiles, I was wondering - would UVic use the percentile generated from¬†all¬†applicants in the pool, or the percentile from the specific LSAT sitting I did shown¬†on LSAC? Also, with the pandemic, are they still considering CR/Pass grades as¬†part of the drops? ¬†

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